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How the Sausage Was Made


This has nothing to do with this post, I just like pictures of my insides.

Instead of writing about how shitty my lungs are, I thought I’d write about writing about how shitty my lungs are. Think of it like one of those crappy EPK-style features they used to put on DVDs. If you’ve ever wanted to know how many words were in the first draft of my book, today’s your lucky day. Continue reading

Let Me Show You Around…

Still the greatest vacation I've ever taken.

Still the greatest vacation I’ve ever taken.

Hi, my name is Jay and I have Cystic Fibrosis. A lot of you are reading this because you saw my article on Cracked.com today, so I thought it might be nice to weed through some of the bullshit here and put my best foot forward.

If you’re interested in hearing more about CF, you may want to check out this video I made:

If you don’t give two shits about CF, perhaps I can interest you in this video of me eating a steak from the dollar store:

Don’t have time for that? Here’s a 14 second jingle about Arby’s:

If you don’t feel like watching videos, you can always read about the time a large man at Hometown Buffet threatened to stab me with a sword:


Or, if you find yourself wondering if I was an asshole when I was in 3rd grade, you can find your answer in this old journals I dug up:



Of course, I would really appreciate it if you bought my book, but if you’re not feeling it, there’s plenty of free stuff for you to enjoy here.