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The More Things Change… Part II

Here’s another batch of 3rd grade journal entries. If you missed the first round, you can catch up on them here. Again, these are reproduced as close to their original form—errors and all—as can be. Continue reading

The More Things Change…

At the end of my book, I transcribed the food diary I wrote when I was first diagnosed with diabetes. I find things like that fascinating, because you can’t run from a journal. It’s “of the moment”, with very little distance or reflection to get in the way. I may try to tell you that I was great at changing my diet, but the food diary tells a different story.

When my Mom told me she had dug up a couple of school journals from 3rd grade, I was excited to look back and see what’s changed. The answer, unfortunately, was not much. Here are some of my favorite entries, reproduced exactly as they appear in the journal. I’ve also included the teacher’s responses (also reproduced as written) and—where appropriate—commentary from 30 year old me. Continue reading