Video: Lord of the Jingle

When embarking on any creative endeavor, everyone hopes their work will stand the test of time. You want to feel that years from onset of whatever you created, people will celebrate it, remember it and talk about it with their friends.

For something to stand the test of time like that is rare, particularly now that anyone can smash together a bunch of ones and zeroes and take a stab at relevance. How many of you reading this had a MySpace music page? I know I did. I also know that I never managed to turn that into any long term cultural relevance.

Think of the songs that people remember: “(I Feel Like) Chicken Tonight”, “My Bologna Has a First Name (O-S-C-A-R)”, “I’m Loving It (Ba-da-ba-ba-ba)”. What do these songs have in common (other than parentheses)? They are all commercial jingles.

So I’m getting in the jingle game.

Here’s one for Arby’s


This one is for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes


Here’s one I wrote for Fruit of the Loom

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For non-jingle attempts at cultural relevance, check out

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